Abstract Project: KOL01

Radiation and Meteorological Measurements in frame of the Baseline Surface Radiation Network

Marion Maturilli (AWI)

The program of the AWIPEV Meteorological Observatory includes measurements of surface radiation as well as surface and upper-air meteorology. The radiation measurements are operated since 1992 in the frame of the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN), providing high quality data of all net surface radiation balance components. Close by, the meteorological surface data for pressure, air temperature, relative humidity and wind are obtained using a 10m weather mast. The surface-based observations are supplemented by a ceilometer providing cloud base height. To capture the vertical distribution of the meteorological parameters temperature, rel.humidity and wind, balloon-borne radiosondes are launched daily. The near-real time data of the soundings are transferred via Met.no to the global system for weather data to be used in numerical weather prediction and meteorological reanalyses. Furthermore, the AWIPEV radiosonde program is a certified datastream for the GCOS Reference Upper-Air Network (GRUAN).

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