Abstract Project: KOP193

Developing cross-compartment strategies investigating the dynamic behaviour of greenhouse gas emissions and influencing factors in arctic environments [Polar-MOSES]

Peter Dietrich (UFZ Leipzig)

This project is part of a stThe dynamics of greenhouse gas emissions in Arctic regions are strongly influenced by global change. For the development of a better understanding of the interrelationships, cross-compartment monitoring approaches are being tested, evaluated and applied in this project within the framework of the Helmholtz cross-center research infrastructure MOSES. Polar MOSES is related to the projects KOL07 and KOL11. For the qualitative characterization of the spatial heterogeneity of greenhouse gas emissions, the focus is on mobile OP-FTIR systems. Geophysical methods are used to investigate near-surface structures and processes that influence the dynamics of the emissions. The long-term installation of a CRNS (Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing) monitoring system will contribute to the evaluation and validation of satellite-based soil moisture measurements.

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