Abstract Project: KOP166b

Video In Situ Snowfall Sensor at Ny-Ålesund

Maximilian Maahn (Univ.Leipzig)

The overarching goal of this project is to characterize clouds and cloud processes in detail at AWIPEV on a long–term basis exploiting the synergy of various in situ and remote sensing instruments. Several previous studies showed that a comprehensive ground- based in-situ instrument combination can be extremely useful to better interpret and constrain the remote sensing observations. In addition, the processes active in clouds during snowfall formation can be identified using optical images. VISSS-NYA extends the remote sensing operations at AWIPEV by AWI and University of Cologne (project SNYCLOUD) with a novel Video In Situ Snowfall Sensor (VISSS). The project is part of the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre TR172 "ArctiC Amplification (AC)3."

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