Abstract Project: KOP154

Investigation of stratospheric H2O and O3 and their interdependence

Gunter Stober (Univ.Bern) & Mathias Palm (Univ.Bremen)

Observations of essential climate variables such as water vapor, carbon monoxide, and ozone are important to monitor and investigate changes in the middle atmospheric circulation. The University Bern operates two radiometers at Ny-Alesund, which continuously measure stratospheric water vapor and ozone. These observations are part of the Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change (NDACC). Meanwhile the OZORAM observations are stopped are unsure to be continued and, thus the GROMOS-C measurements are the only possibility to sustain a continuous time series and study the changes of these trace gases due to dynamics such as sudden stratospheric warmings and seasonal effects. Furthermore, the long-time series permits also obtaining insights into solar cycle effects between solar minimum and maximum conditions. The GROMOS-C can also measure mesospheric CO. This is routinely measured by the CORAM instrument of the University of Bremen.

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