Abstract Project: KOP141

Long-Term Investigation of Emerging Persistent Organic Pollutants (ePOP ARCTIC)

Zhiyong Xie (Hereon)

Atmospheric long-range transport is a significant route for organic contaminants to reach ecologically sensitive Arctic environment. Organic pollutants are subject to a variety of processes in the Arctic environment such as degradation, bioaccumulation and interaction between the atmosphere, snow, water and soil. Additionally, climate change may significantly influence the transport and environment fate of organic pollutants in the Arctic. This project is focused on studies of long-term trends, atmospheric transport, snow amplification, air-water/snow exchange fluxes of emerging persistent organic pollutants in the Arctic. Data and feedback from this project may improve models to predict the environmental progression and assess the effect of climate change on the transport, reemission, and biogeochemical cycle of the emerging organic contaminants in the Arctic ecosystem.

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