Abstract Project: KOL11

Heat and mass flux in permafrost soils

Julia Boike (AWI)

The Arctic region is warming disproportional strong compared to the rest of the world
causing ground temperatures to rise and permafrost to thaw and degrade rapidly.
Monitoring permafrost essential climate variables (ECVs) is important for the assessment
of local landscape stability and in quantifying the impacts of climate change on cold-region
landscapes and their ecosystems. We have been monitoring climate and subsurface
parameters automatically since 1998 to provide data as a baseline for future changes.
These observational data include all standard climate parameters, such as air
temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, radiation balance components, snow
depth and temperature and snow water equivalent. Subsurface measurements include
temperature and liquid water content in the active layer and temperature down to 9 m in
the permafrost.

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