Abstract Project: KOL07

AWIPEV Long-term Fjord Observatory in near-shore waters of Kongsfjorden at the Old Pier

Philipp Fischer (AWI)

The AWIPEV underwater monitoring station is operated since 2012 in the nearshore waters close
to Ny-Ålesund and is part of the SIOS flagship program. The system provides realtime ADCP,
temperature salinity, oxygen, turbidity, Chl-a, and pH data year-round as well as daily profiles
from 10 - 0 m water depth. A KI based 3D stereoscopic-camera system allows the year-round
assessment of the temporal dynamics of different levels of the food web from macro-zooplankton
over jellyfish to fish. Since 2014, discrete water samples are taken on a regularly basis to provide
ground trouthing data for the high-resolution sensor measurements. In 2017, a fully automated
high precision pH sensor was installed and in 2022, a CH4 sensor for precise and year-round
GHG measurements was installed. The installation has evolved to an international measuring
platform for international cooperation with the Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland.

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